The book Dads of Disability is mostly about men, but it was written by men, women, and children. It will foster useful but possibly never-before-had discussions between and amongst fathers, mothers, extended families, care circles, and individuals with disabilities themselves. This book is neither a downer, nor “inspiration porn” — it is an honest and well-rounded look at fatherhood from a unique perspective.

Dads of Disability book cover

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“As a mom I look to other moms for support and we relate easily to one another. I had never thought how men would need that same thing. I enjoyed the stories of fathers who looked back and saw so much joy and love from their children with disabilities and I loved the quite honest and sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart wrenching stories.”
– Spring McDonald (from Amazon review)
“By storytelling and sharing their individual situations dealing with disabilities, they make us become more compassionate as the book pulls us along from one moving story to the next.”
  – Allan Cox, Corporate Advisor & author (from Amazon review)
“This collection of brief vignettes and poems captures so many stories of the experiences of fathers raising kids with various challenges including Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, NOS and Depression to name just a few. Being able to read short accounts of various perspectives is a great way to help another person feel like they aren’t on their own in this journey through life.”
– Joanna Keating-Velasco (from Amazon review)


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  2. Hi Gary, my name is Oren Rozen. I believe we spoke a few years ago. My son Yoav has a similar deletion as Alexander. I think your book idea is amazing. I may want to contribute but writing is not one of my strongest skill.
    Funny, I also studied Marketing but went into the family retail business.
    Anyway, I will be following your progress and like I said previously, will try to contribute.

    Take care,


  3. This is a fantastic idea, Gary. Knowing you for about 10 years now, I believe it to be an uncharted but very worthy course to follow in this world of disability we all belong to, and I believe you to be an excellent captain. We’ll have a beer soon and talk about this for sure.


  4. Gary I left you a comment on the GMP website tonight, and am also leaving one here to let you know you are doing a fantastic thing. I’m looking forward to reading your book and hope it all works out the way you expect it to. Wish you and your son Alexander the best! Thanks, Brian


    • Brian,

      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! The Kickstarter was approved, and I am going to launch it (make it live) next Tuesday July 9! (You can have a sneak peek at it here Oh, did I make that public? You can’t support the project until July 9 but you can look at the KS and the animation and read the details.

      Update – Sorry, you can’t actually watch the video from that URL! We’ll have to wait until next Weds!




  5. Hi Gary,
    I think your book and blog sound fantastic. My husband is step dad and that role is challenging enough. Enter in the difficulties of parenting a child with high functioning autism i often wonder what he is thinking. Maybe your book will open him up some and help him understand. Regardless I think it’s a brilliant idea.

    Best of luck


    • Sarah,

      Thanks for the kind comments!

      The book is coming along really well, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.



  6. Hi Gary, I also have a son with a dissability and get all the struggles. He struggles with Autism with many complications, and financially has been impossible without help from family. I live in NH and work 320 miles away in NY to keep my masonry business alive. I do all I can for my family but could not do it without my solid partner Denise. Without her it does not work. I look forward to reading more. Good luck, and thanks.
    Syl Lapierre


    • Syl,

      Thanks for the wishes!

      That sounds like a bear of a commute. I thought the drive to Boston was long. I admire you for what you do to keep your family intact. Quite a story, and best of luck to you all!



  7. Gary, I write on issues of disability in Louisiana and would be honored to write and/or share my story with you for your next book. I am known as the Dadvocate in the Louisiana Legislature (a name they gave me! LOL) and am one of few dads who advocate on behalf of children with developmental disabilities in the state. I am a creative director and marketing director by trade and would be interested in contributing in any way you could use me!

    Thank you!


  8. Gary,

    I love that you are a dad speaking up and encouraging other dads to speak up. I’m always looking for dads to guest post at…if you or any of the dads you know are interested!



  9. Hello! I found your blog through the Special Needs Parenting Blogger’s FB “Shout out!” I’d love for you to do a guest post for me. I’d like to follow you but don’t see any way of doing that!


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  11. Hi Gary, You are doing an amazing job and encouraging other dads around the world to speak for themselves. it’s a great initiative. I was randomly googling things around and landed on this page. It’s an honor to be here. Thanks for motivating others. I consider Dad as the strongest relationship in any family. No one can replace your dad.



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  17. Glad to find this blog who can share their pain with people who can truly understand what disability is


  18. Tatiana Ogourtsova

    Hello everyone,

    We are conducting a research project called FATHERS MATTER at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. We want to hear what fathers have to say about their interactions with different health-care professionals in relation to their child’s care (barriers and facilitators).

    Please email me if you wish to take part in a very short 30-min interview that can be done online via zoom. This provides us with very valuable information that has the potential to enhance and improve current clinical practices of many health care professionals.


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