I am a father, the curator and author of Dads of Disability, and a marketing guy. For general contact information, please email me at gdietz@garydietz.com  Check out the links in the menu above to see excerpts and links to reviews of the book and information on how to buy paper and ebook copies. (The home page has a link for extensive free samples too.)

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Our story

headshot-13-whiterightAlexanderWho am I? My name is Gary Dietz (on the left). I’m a dad, a marketing dude, and a writer. More or less in that order on most days. My son is on the right.

About my son: Alexander is a wonderful, lucky boy who is loved by many. He has an interstitial deletion of the lower arm of chromosome 13. That means that some of his genetic material is missing between some of his other chromosomes. There’s no fancy name for this deletion like there are for more common rare genetic issues. Read that again, it is indeed what I meant — some rare genetic issues are more common than others, and the ones that are ultra-uncommon don’t even have names.

This boBoy with toy carok contains 41 essays and poems written by all kinds of men and women. They are powea-babyrful, but not saccharine. They are moving, but not over emotional. They are honest, and intended to foster discussion between and among family members and care circles who may not have ever truly considered the father’s perspective.



  1. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for visiting my profile on About.me. I am pleased to learn about your book and the work you have been doing. It is so important to acknowledge the rolls Dad’s play in assisting a family member who has a disability.

    Looking to chatting.


  2. Hi Gary,
    I read your book a couple of years ago and recently started reading the essays again. I have recently started a podcast called The DODAK Show (Dads Of Differently Abled Kids). I am the father of a non verbal, orthopedically impaired 17 year old son with cerebral palsy and global brain damage. We have recorded some shows (actually one so far) but we have several guests lined up and plan on recording mire shows and releasing them soon. If you would be interested in being on the podcast l would love to speak with you. Our email is dodakshow@gmail.com. I live in Los Angeles.


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