Dear Backer,

I repeat the intense and deep thanks I have that I sent in my final, private update. Your support has meant the world to me and has motivated me to figure out alternate — and perhaps better — ways to get this project to market.

To clarify – Kickstarter is an all of nothing proposition.  Since I didn’t meet my target, NO funds will be collected and your card will not be charged.  You’ll get a formal email from Kickstarter stating that sometime after 1:34ET on 9-Aug-2013.

Please let me know the best way to contact you as well as any thoughts or opinions you may have using the form below.

Thanks, and warmest of regards,



  1. Gary, I’m sorry you didn’t achieve your target. However, I was hoping you would be able to use the funds you did raise toward your effort. I am not familiar with KickStarter and apparently that’s not how it works. Other backers may feel the same way, is there a way to send you a check or something?
    Warm regards,


    • Ed,

      Thanks for the comment and your generous offer. It turns out that some of the other backers didn’t really know that this was an “all or nothing” thing either as they were first time Kickstarters. I’m going to take a few days to fall back and recover. Depending on backer feedback I may decide to restart a crowdsource effort at a site like Indiegogo, where you have an option to collect what your backers pledge, regardless of whether you fall short, meet, or exceed your target.

      I’ll let folks know what I am doing if I already have their email address, or if they choose to send it to me with this form.




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