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A LinkedIn ad campaign for a crowdsourcing project – for a disability education book? Doesn’t sound quite right.

Or does it?

Content Marketing (or whatever we call it this week) is nothing if not an educated guess based on personas and research, try it, measure it, and adjust it. Then rinse and repeat. So, why not try a test?

LinkedIn allows me to directly address speech therapists, school principals, and physical, speech, and language therapists by title (amongst others), so why not try to reach out to them? They use LinkedIn too. I already was interviewed by an MSW for her blog because of my outreach on LinkedIn.


And I’m sort of tired of being “afraid” that the tech and business folks that may hire me will avoid me because I am doing a side book project and/or I am a father of a child with a disability. Look, the list of amazing skills (technical, interpersonal, political, business, not to mention patience and time and budget management) I have honed because of the life I have experienced with my family–well, if you think they are negatives for my next full-time gig, I’d have to disagree!

Please support my Dads of Disability project with a pre-order through my Indiegogo project. And have a look at my marketing blog and portfolio (or email me for a resume) to hire me for my next amazing gig. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great week,

Gary Dietz

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