November 13, 2013 – Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

The winners are, in random order:

  • Patricia Wallace Jones, Adapted Views and Inveterate
  • Sam Smith, The Prosthetic Fitting Suite
  • Robbi Nester, Letter To My Son
  • John C. Mannone, The iPod

Each of these poets has been offered a US$75 prize and two print copies of the book upon its release.

Many thanks to the entrants in this contest, and special thanks to poet and author Marly Youmans for judging!

– Gary Dietz


September 2, 2013 – First winner announced!

Thanks for all of your contributions.  Marly is reviewing them all, it will take some time.  However, she has chosen the first winner.  It is called “Adapted Views” by Patricia Wallace Jones.  See the blog entry on this winner for more information.




Poet and author Marly Youmans has agreed to judge a poetry contest for my upcoming book. She has great skill and taste and has gracefully agreed to judge this contest.

Poetry Contest Image

Creative Commons License, courtesy of ivoryelephantphotography on Flickr

Here’s the deal
I am writing and curating a collection of essays for an upcoming book called “Dads of Disability:  Stories for, by, and about Fathers of Children that Experience a Disability.”  You can learn more about that project on its main page. This book will have at least four poems in it, most likely interstitial pieces between some to-be-determined organizational structure that the essays will be collected in.  Or they may just appear where they make the most thematic sense.

Regardless, I want to have some well-crafted and on-target poetry to use in this project.

Here’s where you come in
Submit a poem — I don’t care what kind or what length (but it must be in English).  Marly and I will sift through the entries and Marly will have the final decision.

At least four (4) winners will appear in the final book and be paid US$75 for each winning entry.  And you’ll receive two physical copies of the final book.

What must the poem be about?
The poem must be about, evoke, or directly evidence a theme about disability from the perspective of or a topic surrounding a father of a child (a young child or adult child or deceased child) who experienced some type — any type — of disability.  The disability could have been physical, developmental, learning, genetic, or acquired. The topic could even be about some issues that some communities don’t consider a disability, such as being a Deaf person or having Autism (or being Autistic as some prefer). The poem can be by a male or female or straight or gay author as long as its main theme or themes concern a father of a child with a disability.

Please see the main web page for more details about the project and its goals.

How to enter? I’ll keep it simple:

  1. Send an email with your editable Microsoft Word entry to with the subject line of the email starting with the phrase POETRY CONTEST SUBMISSION: in all caps with the title of the poem or the words “Multiple Submissions” and the number of submissions after the colon. Here is a Sample Word Document entry template you can save and use for your submission. Of course, you’ll need to change the filename to your first and last name.
  2. Be sure to place your name and contact information as part of the Word file.  The Word file can have special formatting if the poem needs it.
  3. Be sure to send a plain text version of the poem in the body of the email with your name and contact information.

Other rules

  1. Poems must be unpublished. Previously published poems are also okay if you now hold the copyright.
  2. The poems must be available for licensing for publishing in physical print, electronic book, and adaptations in audio and other electronic media including video and social media to Gary Dietz/Dads of Disability book, web, and marketing projects in perpetuity. You may reprint your poem elsewhere after the physical book has been available for a period of one year (see dates below).
  3. The winning poets must be willing to sign an agreement indicating that #1 and #2 are true they assign rights to Gary Dietz/Dads of Disability – with a reversion to mutual 1 after the print volume is released.
  4. The decision of the judges (Marly Youmans and Gary Dietz) will be final.  Any poems not chosen as winners remain the property of the submitting author.
  5. Any taxes on the prize are the responsibility of the submitter.

This contest runs from June 21, 2013 through Aug-31, 2013.  Winners will be announced on or before December 31, 2013.  The target publication date for the book Dads of Disability is on or before the end of March, 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Gary.

The Prosthetics Fitting Suite

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