The Dads of Disability™ book project addresses the relative scarcity of stories from and about the perspective of fathers whose children experience a disability.

ThisDads of Disability book cover book is for fathers, mothers, caregivers, friends—anyone who wants to foster conversation and understanding about the father’s perspective. I am pretty sure this book will surprise you in its approach!

This page contains the information to help you review the Dads of Disability book. To request a review copy, use this form or email: Download the press release here. Scroll below the form to download press-ready images and see more details.

Paper review copies are limited and clearly marked not for resale.

The author and his agents reserve the right to not fulfill a review copy request for any reason.

If your organization doesn’t allow free review copies you can order ebooks (Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo) or paperback copies at

Press Images for download: Click here to download images including (a) TIF and JPG front and back covers, (b) author Gary Dietz author headshot, (c) author’s son headshot, (d) stills from the project animation, and (d) a screenshot of the project blog.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (including project animation; funded at 22% over target):

Publicly available sample essays and poems: Available on the front page of this blog at

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  1. Barbara Jackson

    More and more I find that everyone has various abilities and disabilities. It is our fault that “normal” has such narrow parameters. The slightest variation from this designation and there is the label: “different”, “disabled”, and “abnormal”. Worst of all, “retarded”, making me think of the term which is applied to engine combustion. Retarding and advancing the spark makes the engine slow or quicken, the same effect with labeling children.


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